Guess What's NOT Coming to Holiday Dinner?

Happy Holidays gents! The holiday season is a wonderful, joyous time of the year. It is also time for family, friends and loved ones...well, sometimes more like to judge and be judged by said loved ones. Today's mission, to keep you from being the topic of discussion when you're 'not' around. To keep the holidays bright, here are 10 tips of What NOT To Wear during the holidays.

1. Sweat suits. Guys, you are not apart of a professional sports team and you probably aren't going to work out before or after opening presents. Leave the track suit and sweats in your gym bag.

2. Dad shoes. Okay, you might have paused to think about what this entails. Let me help you. Steph. Curry. Any shoe the Golden State Warrior has endorsed or you know, those clunky all white orthopedic sneakers. Please don't.

3. Dad jeans. A.K.A. Obama jeans. There is absolutely no reason on earth I can think of that makes light wash, high waisted jeans a good outfit idea (especially paired with Dad shoes). None.

4. Sandals with socks. No explanation needed.

5. Too much cologne. Yay! You're an adult and you've mastered daily personal hygiene. You're proud, I'm proud...but, don't drown yourself Jean Nate. We want to smell baking cookies, not you :-)

6. Huge logos. Guys, if you aren't being paid to sponsor a brand nobody wants to see big words printed across your chest.

7. Jewelry. Are you a rapper? DJ Khaled's son? If you answered no to both of these questions, then the only jewelry you should be sporting is your wedding band and a watch.

8. Shiny Shirts. I know it's tempting to show up at grandma's in your red satin shirt...but, unless there's a holiday pajama photo shoot opt for cotton.

9. Ugly Christmas Sweaters/Ties (see my last post "Death to Rudolph" for tips!). I know you received a wreath tie last time and 'need' to wear it; you don't..or that Grinch sweater. Just say no.

10. Last but, not least. Please dress age appropriate. If you have to question what's appropriate for your age you probably are violating this tip. i.e. Michael Jordan's earrings.


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