Death to Rudolph?

Fellas, you've just been invited to a holiday party. No worries!--you've got this down. You head toward your closet to grab that old, "ugly Christmas" sweater your ex bought you right out of college. You know the one she purchased for your first "adult" holiday party?...yep, that one. Awesome. Hmmm. It looked better in your mind than on your body. That's cool, you have a back up plan: that t-shirt with the Santa outfit screen printed on it! Bet.

Then your current partner (the one you really love) reminds you that your boss will actually be at this party. "Maybe it's time to elevate your holiday attire." They politely suggest.

What's a guy to do? Holiday attire? How do you make magic happen? You think, "Is that an all plaid suit? A Christmas tree tie?...Is wearing red and green a must?" No, no and hell no! Unless the invite specifically calls for an ugly sweater theme or you know there will be a keg present it's time to mature and see the many holiday party outfits that retailers have to offer. From casual to formal Brooks Brothers is my personal favorite. Scroll through my top picks and lay that Rudolph, blinking nose sweater to rest.


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