Men's Camel Coats: All Are Not Created Equal.

First off guys, let me say that this article was definitely inspired by true life events. My boyfriend (who is a pretty stylish guy and of course should be) was excited about purchasing a camel coat from a retailer that will remain nameless. When he came home and tried it on for me, my face must have said everything I was thinking. He looked disappointed. It pained me to tell him that the coat was a weird color. Maybe closer to burnt caramel than camel. The sad reality is that most camel coats are the wrong color. The color to go for is a soft tan shade. I know you don't want to hear this fellas but a pinkish undertone is the hue you want in a camel coat.

The camel coat my bf had purchased had yellow undertones that were harsh and would be hard to match. The right color camel coat should be able to be worn with everything. Yes...literally everything, guys! A great camel coat can be worn with your suit, joggers or the most eclectic or patterned outfit.

Cut and craftsmanship are just as important! Sadly, color was not the only issue with the coat my boyfriend purchased (sorry love!). The fit was wide and boxy. A well tailored coat should make you look leaner and taller. It should fit straight through your body. His did not. :-(

I decided to go on a hunt for camel coats I like to see men in to give you (and my boyfriend) some suggestions. Let me be upfront. If you are searching for a true camel hair coat, like actually made with real camel hair, be prepared to spend thousands ($$$$$) of dollars. You aren't finding a coat for less. The upside to buying an “imitation" camel coat goes way beyond saving dollars. For instance, if you forgo wool or cashmere your coat can get wet. You can get caught in the rain and snow and be assured your coat isn't ruined forever. You will get fibers like elastane which give garments stretch. Yes guys, you need stretch in your coat!

After my search, I came to the conclusion that only a few moderately priced, high quality and attractive camel coats exist. And then you have your stunning, amazingly perfectly tailored camel coats for well, thousands. Check out my two picks. Let’s say one is a starter and the other as an investment piece.

Starter Coat: Zara $199

Investment Coat: Ralph Lauren $2,495


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