Cool Groom's Wear for Destination Weddings

Fellas, don’t do it; be a slave to the mundane, arbitrary beach wedding attire that is. We’ve all been to this wedding: Groom in a tan khaki suit or oversized white linen shirt with khaki pants. Maybe this wedding was even your own. I get it. It’s hot. You need to be comfortable, blah, blah, blah. But, what if I told you a way to feel relaxed, be stylish and not look like every other guy about to suit up in a lei or start strumming a ukulele?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending friends’ nuptials in The Bahamas. The weather hovered at about a constant 86 degrees my entire trip. Not sweltering, oppressive heat, but hot nonetheless. I had previously seen the bride’s dress in all of its fashionable grandeur. But I can’t lie and say I wasn’t anxious to see the groom’s choice of attire to wed in.

Not to my surprise (because these two have always been a super polished couple), the groom appeared in a light grey vest with matching slacks. Eliminating the suit jacket gave him the relaxation vibes of the beach and alleviated the restrictions and added temperature that comes with a jacket. The color light grey has long been an interview suggestion based on its association with sophistication, calmness and soothing tone. Turns out, it is a great choice for a destination wedding as well for all the same reasons. But, if you think I am endorsing light grey slacks and a matching vest with a simple grey or black silk lining as the back for a destination wedding think again. What set this ensemble apart was the eclectic floral back. This tied in all the “beachness” of the location without screaming beach wedding.

So, guys it is possible to look cool, stay cool and be stylish in tropical heat without succumbing to that untucked, wrinkled linen.

Photo Credit: Bodine Wiesler

Vest: ASOS

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