Facing the Elements. Fellas, You Need Moisturizer!

Listen guys, I know you think it's irrelevant. We know you forget. You simply don't want to, but, yes, you do need to moisturize!

Let's put it in terms you'll understand. Imagine your favorite pair of leather shoes. What would happen if you never conditioned those shoes? Never polished those shoes? Continued to wear them month after month, year after year with no care?

Cracks, crevices and general wear and tear will age those shoes.

Your skin, being much less resilient than your leather shoes needs regular protection and care to keep it looking good.

It's simple. Wash your face in the morning (No bar soaps please! They are too drying and will cause you to have to use more moisturizer.) to clean off any dirt, oil and to open your pores. Apply a light moisturizer and flourish! Step two. Wash your mug after a longs days work and/or workout and repeat with the moisturizer before bed. Got it? Good.

Again, you may be asking why you need to do this? Well, it will help avoid fine lines and wrinkles while diminishing their appearance. Starting to get the point and really want to go all out? Then you should know that the skin around your eyes is sensitive, extremely delicate, and prone to wrinkling. A way to halt the formation of crows feet, an eye cream with Vitamin E. Apply twice a day as well and you'll be looking as good as those polished leather shoes. Better ;)


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